Welcome to the Freshwater Game Fishing License Homepage.

License Required:

  • for largemouth black bass, smallmouth black bass, blue-gill sunfish, channel catfish, tucunare, and oscar in streams and other State waters
  • for rainbow trout in the Kokee Public Fishing Area, Kauai (seasonal openings)
  • in the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area, Oahu (entry permit also required)

Convenience Fee: There will be a one dollar convenience fee added to the price of any online license purchase. If you prefer to not pay the fee, you may purchase your license in person at any location listed in the "DAR Office Locations" section above.

Wahiawa Public Fishing Area: There is a special requirement for entering the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area. Along with the fishing license, you are required to have a Wahiawa Public Fishing Area Entry Permit, which you can obtain online or at no cost from any of the locations in the "DAR Office Locations" section above.

License Validity Period: Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue, unless a 7-day or 30-day Non-Resident License is purchased.

Secure Online Ordering: All sensitive personal information is processed securely. All banking and credit card information is not stored and is protected by Comodo.

Online Privacy: The site will automatically timeout an incomplete transaction, after 10 minutes should you step away from your transaction.

Accepted Online Payment Types: Credit Card only. Accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Online Receipt and Licensing Emails: You will receive a receipt of your online purchase along with the actual fishing license(s) to the email address provided. The Licensee(s) must print their license and carry it with them at all times when fishing

Purchase Multiple Licenses Online: You can purchase multiple licenses online in a single transaction. All licenses will be emailed to the purchaser's email address.

License Retrieval: Should you lose your license, simply use the "Retrieve My Licenses" option on the homepage. Enter the email of the purchaser and the licensee first and last name. An email will be sent shortly containing the license that was purchased.